Question: What is needed to rent a vehicle?

Answer: A valid G (or equivalent class licence from other province), 23+ of age(still the customer between 23-25 years of age is considered as “underage driver” & is expected to pay underage driver fee) & a valid credit card is needed to rent a vehicle.

Question: How Much security deposit is needed for a rental?

Answer: For most of the cars its $500 but for premium and luxury it ranges between $2500-$5000 depending upon the CDW deductible selected by the customer.

Question: What is CDW?

Answer: Its Collision Damage Waiver, although its not an insurance but it’s a coverage provided by the company that covers the collision damage to the rental vehicle.

Question: What is LDW?

Answer: LDW is Liability Damage Waiver its third party liability coverage in the event of an accident/collision.

Question: Is it possible to rent a car without CDW/LDW coverage?

Answer: Ontario laws do not allow any car to be run on the road without proper insurance coverage.So the rental companies do have a policy in place to cover the renters through their own insurance. But if the insurance company of the customer covers the customer for rental insurance then the customer doesn’t have to buy an insurance coverage from the rental company provided they produce a proper proof of that coverage i.e, OPCF 27 coverage on their insurance policy.(Anyhow, Holiday Car & Truck Rental Company {HCTR} does not accept OPCF27 coverage for its Luxury, premium & Moving trucks rentals).

Sometimes customer’s credit card also covers for renter’s collision damage of rental vehicle in that case the customer has to buy LDW coverage only.

Question: Can cash be paid as a security deposit?

Answer: No, cash security deposit is not accepted by the rental company,it can only be done on a valid credit card.No pre-paid credit cards, cash or debit cards & also Debit-visa are accepted for a pre-authorization as a security deposit.

Question: What is needed to rent a vehicle in the event of an accident?

Answer: If the customer has a full/comprehenssive insurance coverage , he/she can rent,a comparable to the insured vehicle, on insurance company’s expense upto a specific insurance max selected by the customer.

Question: What is needed for an insurance rental?

Answer: Insurance policy number and/or claim number (if any) from the customer’s insurance , driver’s licence, credit card for pre-authorization are needed to rent a vehicle.

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