Rental Policies

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Driver Licence Requirements
An ONTARIO valid G license or EQUIVALENT from other Canadian Province, is required for a vehicle rental. If the customer is from another country then either customer’s international license (preferably) or country’s full license with the proof of customer’s PASSPORT is required to rent any one of the fleet vehicles. ITS CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK WITH THE MINISTRY of TRANSPORTATION TO UNDERSTAND THE CLASS OF THE LICENSE THE CUSTOMER IS HOLDING AND THE VEHICLE THE CUSTOMER IS DRIVING..
Cleanliness of the vehicle
Holiday Car & Truck Rentals is committed to provide our invaluable customer a clean and tidy vehicle at the time of rental and expect the same gesture from the customer. The vehicle returned soiled , untidy and unclean beyond a reasonable limit will be charged up to $100 with no exception(s).
Reservation Confirmation
All the reservation requests sent online are acknowledged with the RESERVATION REQUEST CONFIRMATION email ,in a “HOLI-BRAM 12345678″ format ,which is not the CONFIRMATION of the reservation(s) untill the customer gets an email from for the reservation confirmation , in a 7 digit number in”4512345” format,within 48 hours , if the customers do not get any “confirmation” email from within 48 hours of the reservation request, the reservation request won’t be considered as a “confirmed” reservation
Credit Card Requirements
We require one of major credit cards in the name of renter for security deposit purpose. If the main driver does not have a credit card in his/her name and wants to borrow the credit card of another person for this purpose, then, we would need to add the name of the person lending the credit card to the rental agreement with applicable fee/charge. It is required by the company that the person to be added as an additional driver has a valid G or equivalent licence.
Pre-Authorization / Security Deposit
Pre-authorization is the security deposit needed at the time of rental. The pre-authorization amount doesn’t show up in the monthly credit card statement of the customer.For most of the cars its $500 but for premium and luxury vehicles it ranges between $2500-$5000 depending upon the CDW deductible selected by the customer.
Reservation advance payment
Total reservation amount will be charged at the time of reservation confirmation for a high occupancy vehicle( 8-12 passenger Vans/SUVs), Luxury/Primium vehicles.
35% of total reservation amount will be charged for rest of the fleet.
Insurance coverage (CDW/LDW)
For all the vehicles to run on the road, insurance coverage is mandatory. If the customer has OPCF27 coverage in the insurance policy then the customer needs not to pay for insurance coverage costs. This policy is effective for cars(except premium cars),7-8 passenger vans, SUVs (except Hummer H2). However, this exemption in waiving of insurance costs for having OPCF 27 add-on in the customers insurance policy is not applicable on the moving trucks, moving vans and 12-15 passenger vans.

The customers holding a credit card to cover the rental vehicle CDW need to make sure, from their credit card providers, on their own about the coverage(s) their credit cards extend towards the insurance of vehicles. If the customer is using his/her credit card to cover the CDW then the customer MAY need to purchase the LDW (Liability Damage Waiver) from the rental company to cover the ThirdPartyLiability as most of the credit cards do not cover the ThirdPartyLiability.

Age Requirements
Minimum Age: 23
Age 23 to 24 – $ 9.99 charged/ day, extra for cars and vans $19.99 charged extra / day for luxury $ premium
Age 25 and over

*The renter should be atleast 23 years of age, but the driver will still be considered “underage” below an age of 25 for which additional charge of $ 9.99 will be charged.

Additional Drivers
Additional drivers permitted

Minimum Age for Additional Drivers: 23

*All the additional drivers need to have a valid G licence

Fuel Policy
Vehicles must be returned with the fuel tank: As It Left
Fuel surcharges will apply. Price depends on current market. Ask at counte
Deposit Requirements
Cash deposits are not accepted.

Holiday Car And Truck Rental accepts the following rental deposits:

VISA, Master Card, AMEX

Payment Methods
Holiday Car And Truck Rental accepts the following methods of payment:
Debit Card, Company Account, VISA, Master Card, Cash
Optional Charges and Coverage

$0 dedutible Tire&windshield Damage Waiver
7.84 per day
219.52 per month
54.88 per week

Collision/Loss Damage Waiver – $1000 deductible(cars+small SUVs)
24.84 per day
684.84 per month
170.84 per week

Collision/Loss Damage Waiver- $1500 deductible(cars+small SUVs)
21.99 per day
523.36 per month
138.53 per week

Collision/Loss Damage Waiver – $2500 deductible(cars+small SUVs)
15.99 per day
380.56 per month
100.73 per week

CDW/LDW-$1000 Deductible (7-8 seater vans+SUVs)
29.84 per day
554.84 per month
179.84 per week

CDW/LDW-$2500 Deductible(12-15P)
24.99 per day
554.84 per month
157.43 per week

CDW/LDW-$1500 Deductible (7-8 Seater Vans+SUVs)
24.99 per day
594.76 per month
157.43 per week

CDW/LDW-5000 deductible(Lx)
29.84 per day
484.84 per month
159.84 per week

CDW/LDW-$2500 Deductible (Vans+SUVs)
21.99 per day
520.36 per month
138.53 per week

Additional Driver
9.99 per day
222.84 per month
60.84 per week

Travelling to USA
9.99 per day
143.84 per month
47.94 per week

Travelling outside Ontario within Canada
5.84 per day
75.84 per month
19.84 per week

Luxury Additional Driver
16.99 per day
400.72 per month
94.93 per week

Underage (23-24) Fee
9.99 per day
229.72 per month
69.93 per week

Child seat
9.99 per day
199.80 per month
69.93 per week

Extra 500 Kilometer package (7-12 seater vans+SUVs)
80.00 fixed

Underage Premium/Luxury
19.99 per day
559.72 per month
139.93 per week

Extra 1000 Kilometer Package (7-12 seater vans+SUVs)
150.00 fixed

CDW/LDW $1000 Deductible(12-15P)
34.99 per day
684.84 per month
184.84 per week
500 Extra Kilometers (Cars+Small SUVs)
55.00 fixed

LDW -Liability Damage Waiver
9.99 per day
230.72 per month
69.93 per week

10.00 per day
200.00 per month
65.00 per week

500 extra Kilometer (15-passengerVan)
100.00 fixed

1000 extra Kilometers (15-PassengerVan)
180.00 fixed

CDW/LDW 3500 Deductible
24.84 per day
600.84 per month
173.84 per week

CDW/LDW 2500 Deductible
29.84 per day
684.84 per month
200.84 per week

500 Kilometre Package
115.00 fixed

1000 Kilometre Package
200.00 fixed

CDW/LDW 3500Deductible(Lx)
35.99 per day
584.84 per month
200.84 per week

CDW/LDW 2500 Deductible(Lx)
39.99 per day
600.84 per month
214.84 per week

CDW/LDW 1000 Deductible(Lx)
44.84 per day
615.84 per month
242.84 per week

Cancelation Policy
** All cancellations are subjected to the current one day rental charges with fees and Taxes, if the Cancellations are submitted 72hrs prior to the actual pickup time. 50% of the reservation amount will be charged, if, cancelations are submitted 48 hours prior to the actual pickup time. Full amount, as per reservation request, will be charged for the cancelations received within 48 hours of actual pickup time. The above policy applies to the following categories of CARS: COMPACT, MID-SIZE/ECONOMY, FULL-SIZE, and PREMIUM. Due to the demand on our fleet during high season, all cancellations on confirmed reservations are subjected to full rental charges as per the reservation request. This applies to the following vehicles: 7-15 PASSENGER VANS / MINIVANS, 7-8 PASSENGER SUVs, LUXURY & MOVING TRUCKS.. NO REFUNDS ON THE CANCELATION OF THE CONFIRMED RESERVATIONS OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED VEHICLES WILL BE GIVEN… PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.
Insurance and Coverage
$0 deductible tire& windshield coverage (all vehicles) $4.99 per day $14.97 per 3 days $31.43 per week $97.72 per month

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