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Save Fuel for Your Car With Simple Things

Planning to buy a car or rent a car for your trip? The tiresome part of having the car is to save fuel while you drive the car and handle the expenses. Whenever you plan to have a car, everyone thinks of saving as much fuel as one wants. Learn more about the efficiency of the car and save bucks on your fuel so that you can go more in less.

Accelerate Smoothly

The best way to save fuel is to keep the limit to 50 km per hour- a steady limit. Add a little patience to your driving and stay at 50 km per hour to save fuel for your car.

Accelerator Push

In order to avoid the gear change, you must not push down the accelerator too hard and create a mess for yourself. And, an automatic car does a better job to get this done.

Air Conditioning

Fuel can be saved by turning off the air conditioner in the car while driving the car. Avoid the usage of this system and keep the windows open to have air circulation.

Tyre Pressure

If the tires have less pressure in them, then the car needs more fuel to pull the car on. Therefore, have the tire pressure checked regularly to make sure that you can save a lot more on fuel.

Unnecessary Weight on Car

When you have an unnecessary weight on the car, then the car uses a lot of fuel to go ahead. Therefore, remember not to clutter the vehicle with unwanted objects to avoid wastage of fuel.


Get the car service as soon as possible. Schedule the appointments and keep the car up to date to waste fuel consumption. Change the oil in the car to make sure that the vehicle has the right requirements in order to use less fuel.

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Car Rental Scams You Must be Aware of

If you have ever rented a car, you're sure to have experienced one of the regular vehicles enlist tricks or shams – if you knew it.

How regularly have you just followed through on the feature cost that shows up after you look for and select your vehicle? We will danger speculation and say that you haven't. How would we know this? Since it's scarcely ever the full expense of the rental after you have added basics and additional discretionary items. Beneath, we talk about the common scams to pay a unique mind to help set aside your money and make you a sharper customer!

Mandatory Insurance Fee

You will hire a car, and the specialist at the work area expects you to pay a required protection expense. You consider the big picture and at last approve of that since protection is fundamental, correct? You must be aware of the mandatory insurance fee in advance.

Rental Car Overdue

You've been tackling your work with a vehicle that you leased for a couple of days. It is Sunday, and you need to restore the car. As you offer back the keys and sit tight for them to check the vehicle, they present you with a receipt that has an extra amount mentioned on it than you anticipated.

Vehicle Delivered To Your Door And Stolen

The lawbreakers are not genuine vehicle rental organizations but rather criminals who promote vehicles for lease on sites. The costs are a lot lower than the ones at a standard vehicle rental organization. Such countless individuals turn casualties by attempting to get a decent arrangement – particularly when they're keen on driving the vehicles for a more extended time.

There are countless other scams that you need to be aware of at all times. Moreover, if you are looking for safe car rental services in Toronto, Holiday Car Rentals is the ideal place you must count on.

2 years ago Car Rental Tips

Renting A Car For The First Time? This Is What You Should Know

It is usual for you to feel intimidated if you are renting a car for the first time, but of course, you need not worry about what you should follow. This article contains and answers all your questions. With our knowledge, we aim to provide you with the best deals and offers. Also, we have efficient solutions for pickup and drop off facilities.

With us, you shall enjoy a flawless experience with Holiday Car rentals. So, let us explore more.

  • Before renting a car, you may fill up your details and have a word with our professionals at Holiday Car Rentals.
  • Remember to read the Terms and Conditions carefully and be aware of all your rights and responsibilities.
  • Now, think about your pick up time and place as well as the return time and place. They are crucial parts of your reservation, and thus you have to be careful about it and make sure to make no mistake.
  • We have provisions for all kinds of rental needs- whether it is for your holiday, or airport pick up and drop, or you need a car for a reason within the state.
  • When you set out to pick up your reserved car, make sure to have your reservation number, a valid driver’s license, as well as an available credit card.
  • Next, you must inspect the car to ensure that it is up to your satisfaction. And do it before you take up the car and drive off for your work. Inspect the vehicle in and out-of-the exterior, the interior as well as the glass.
  • Lastly, it would help if you remembered to fuel the car before dropping the car off at the nearest gas station.
  • To avoid any hassles on the date of reservation, try to reserve your car a few days before so that you are well planned.

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Why Renting a Car is a Win-Win Idea?

Various people imagine that its supportive to rent a vehicle, particularly when on a journey for work or during family ventures. It is moreover rational to rent a vehicle when your own special has been under fix for a specific time period. In any case, there are moreover negative impressions as for vehicle rental. To decide this conflict, here are a couple of points of interest in vehicle rental that can empower you to pick which choice is dynamically sensible.

Get a vehicle for extraordinary events

You can get a vehicle you prerequisite for a specific occasion or situation. There are express conditions wherein enrolling a specific vehicle is crucial. Recruiting rental vehicles causes you out effectively in this circumstance.

Vehicle upkeep

Try not to stress over the upkeep work, some rental organizations, only more cutting-edge models have been used for their rental organizations. By abusing this offer, it will give better mileage, particularly on expanded outings. This is unquestionably inspiring news for the people who guarantee more settled vehicles.

Vehicle of your decision

You can get in every way that really matters any vehicle you need. Possibly you have yearned for driving either unequivocal vehicle. Or of course, perhaps you are pondering either vehicle since it suits your requirements at the present time.

Great assistance

It doesn't have any kind of effect where you travel with your rented vehicle, whether or not you experience a slowdown. On the off chance that by chance this will happen the organization from where you leased the vehicle or other vehicle, will supplant that with the other at zero expense.


The cost of renting a vehicle is a modest quantity of what you'll spend when buying your own vehicle. Nowadays, buying another vehicle isn't ratty. Also, obtaining an exchange vehicle can be such a wagered sometimes. Renting cars should not cost every one of you that much. Besides, they are the more practical decision in case you are less required to drive vehicles continually.

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3 Situations When Renting A Car Is Ideal Option

Billions of people choose the rental car rather than selecting the local bus to travel. This is because it gives you the freedom and comfort of driving on your own. The industry has expanded over the year and continue to grow by exceeding the expectations of the clients.

Sometimes, the people get confused over they should rent a car or not. If you get into such a situation, then here are listed the three conditions in which renting a car can be the ideal option for you.

Special Occasion

Wedding days are hectic, and all you want is to take care of everything without getting worried about it. Renting a luxury vehicle to attend a marriage of close friends or relatives allow you to handle the gifts and other material carefully.


When the plan for a vacation, you will have luggage with you which you can’t handle in public transport. Moreover, public transport is not often available at the time when you plan to go. Rental vehicle prevents missing your bus or train. Additionally, the public buses go through the long routes picking and dropping the travelers that is just wastage of your time.

Long Road Trip

Would you prefer to sit in cramped space for a 6-8 long journey? If no, then prefer a rental car. Renting a bigger vehicles means to stay comfortable and enjoy the sights. Whether you are with your family or friends, you can stop your vehicle anywhere to take rest or having lunch or dinner.

The majority is a rental car allows you to go anywhere and any time of day or night. At Holiday Car Rentals, we offer a comprehensive range of car rental services in the GTA. Feel free to call us and book an affordable, yet luxury car on rent for your upcoming tour or trip.

4 years ago Car Rental Tips

Renting A Car? Know Your Rights To Avoid Unfair Damage Claims

Looking for a rental car is one of the most challenging tasks. Everyone wants a car that should be cheap and ultimately comfortable. When you search for the car rental, you either go online or follow the recommendations. Well, whatever you choose to go with, you must know everything about the car rental company. Complete information can prevent the car rental scams and other issues.

In most cases, people get a better booking on a car with discounted offers and forget the necessary things. Here is a list of your rights when hiring a car on rent.

  • Excess Waiver Insurance
    A car rental company may try to sell extra products and services along with your car rental. Among all these, the excess waiver insurance is the one that protects from the payment that you would have to pay if a car is stolen or damaged. So, you have to consult with your car rental company about the excess waiver policies.
  • Take Photos If The Vehicle Is Damaged
    To avoid the unnecessary damage charges, you should check your vehicle when pick-up. If you find any damage, then capture it in your camera. It also helps you to avoid the dispute or claim if you are wrongly charged in rental car damage.
  • Fourteen Day Rule
    If a rental company make any damage claim, you should make a query with the company within fourteen days.
  • Payment Through Credit Card
    Always prefer to pay your car rental payment through the credit card. If you make the credit card company severally or jointly liable for any contract or misrepresentation by the trader, it protects the consumer.

So, if you are looking for reliable car rental services in Toronto, reach out Holiday Car Rentals. We specialize in providing excellent cars with the lowest price eliminating hidden charges. Make a secure, quick and simple online car booking with us.

3 Smart Ideas When You Need A Rental Car For Someone Else

It may be you want to rent a car for someone else as a surprise gift or just need to make a reservation for an employee for a business tour. Whatever the reason behind it, in order to rent a car for anyone else you must be of legal age. Technically, if you are ready to pay for anyone else for any specific reason, then you can simply book a rental car. But, the car rental companies may verify your online reservation, so you have to confirm them on a priority basis. Below are some ideas that can make you an easy in car rental for others.

  • Book Online
    Just go online, book the car using your own credit card and enter the details of the person for whom you want to book a rental car. Make sure, for whom you are going to book should know so that clearly. So that, The rental car could not be rejected unknowingly.
  • Separate Business Account
    If your company is used to arrange business tours for your employees, you can set up your business account. For this, you can contact the car rental company directly.
  • Call The Rental Company
    The best one idea is to call the rental company and discuss your concern. Every company has its own policies. You can contact the company and get an idea on how they can help you to book the car rental for someone else.

So, follow these ideas and get a car on rent for someone else, whether it is your family member or your friend. If you are looking for the car rental services in Toronto for your own or someone else, then reach Holiday Car Rental. We offer a comprehensive range of fleet and provide on an affordable rates.

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3 Tips To Make Your Car Rental Hassle-Free And Enjoyable

No matter, you need to go out for your business deals or arranging a family tour, you may look for car rental services. Because, traveling out of station become more enjoyable if you hire car on rent. With the help of an expert driver, you can rest assured for safe driving. Moreover, if you are traveling with your family, you can get a vehicle with the capacity to accommodate maximum people. Thus, if you are looking to hire a car rental, read about the following tips to make all process hassle-free.

  • Local Car Rental
    In order to find the best car rental services, you can go online. With online search, you will find the reputed one as most professionals used to serve online. Moreover, you will get vast knowledge about their services, timing, fuel policy, drivers, charges, fleet and additional offers. If you have any query you can take their contact numbers to discuss on call.
  • Online Reservation
    An online reservation turns out to be beneficial in saving your time and cost of visiting car rental company. You will need to go their online reservation page and submit the required information. Once your booking is confirmed just get ready for the day you want to travel.
  • Inspect The Vehicle Before Leaving
    To protect yourself and your family from any unwanted incident, you should inspect the car before leaving. However, a driver with you is known well to the security of travelers. Nevertheless, for your own satisfaction you can once inspect your vehicle if there is anything overlooked by the driver.

Finally, you are ready to travel across the world with the car rental services. For making your car rental easier, you can reach Holiday Car Rentals. Our comprehensive range of car rental services are the most recommended services in GTA.

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Manual Vs Online Car Rental Reservation, Which Is Better?

Have you decided where you want to spend your next holidays? If yes, you may now be thinking about the car on rent. Actually, the Internet has become a one-stop solution for all searches whether it is about beautiful destinations around the world or looking for the source to roam worldwide.

Surely, when you search for the car rental services, you are suggested to make online car reservation as it will be the profitable deal for you. The major benefit of car rental, it saves your time that you may spend to visit a particular car rental company to make a deal. While choosing the online reservation for your car can turn out to be much more convenient.

  • Vehicle Selection
    You may like to ride 12-15 passenger, cars, vans, SUV or any other? Instead of asking verbally, you can check online and go with your favorite choice.
  • Compare The Rate & Fuel Policy
    Every company has distinct fuel policy and rates to provide car on rent. Rather than going to different companies physically, you can compare their rates and other terms online. This will result to choose the one as per your budget.
  • Vast Knowledge Before Hire
    A well established and experienced car on rent company will surely deliver vast knowledge through their web portal. Take the benefits of online details to know about company other services such as the cost of an extra child seat, quiz offers, etc.
  • No Hassle
    You don't need to depend on the working hours of car rental companies to make a final deal. Anytime you can be online and make your reservation with detailed information.

So, arrange your vacation and visit the official site of Holiday Car Rentals to make an online reservation for car on rent. We offer reliable and affordable car rental services in Toronto.

4 years ago Car Rental Tips

Major 6 Common Car Hire Scams You Need To Avoid Wisely

Did you ever hire a car on rent? If yes, there are chances that you would have experienced some kind of scam. Often your attention goes to the headline of car rental companies offering attractive offers to the customers. It may be like cheap rental cars, lower rates, flexible timing, etc.

But, behind these headlines, there may be something that your eyes are not getting. Well, no longer you need to search for them as the tips to provide a proper guidance are here:

  • Licensed And Registered Always remember to show your license to the car rental company and get registered with them before taking car out. It saves the people from unexpected accidental issues.
  • Count The Member In The Car How many people going in a rental car, it should be confirmed before you could take your car. It is because sometimes, you may become a victim of extra charges for taking extra members with you. Moreover, it is also advisable to consult if children seat is charged extra.
  • Don’t Exchange Your Car Sometimes, you book a suitable car, but it is exchanged with another car exactly on the time when you are going to drive away. This may be to trap you in the low performing car to charge extra. So Be Aware!
  • Fuel Policies Unlike car rental companies offers distinct fuel policies and they mostly display it clearly. So, if you are not getting list of fuel policy then consult with your company and compare the fuel charges.
  • Check The Car Status A genuine thing that everyone should know before hiring the vehicle is to check it’s status. If there is any damage, bring it in the notice of owner and also take a picture of this.
  • Test Drive A test drive is to ensure yourself that apart from your car’s outer look how it is going with its internal parts. It is a also good way to check the driving sense of your driver if you are hiring him with the car.

Keeping all these in your mind, if you are looking for perfect car rental services then approach Holiday Car Rentals in GTA.

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