How To Choose the Right Van Rental in Toronto?

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How To Choose the Right Van Rental in Toronto?

Are you looking to rent passenger vans for your upcoming business trip? If yes, then you can find many car renting companies in GTA itself that promise to make your traveling experience a breeze. Just sitting in front of a laptop and searching for rental cars is not enough. To prevent future regrets, one should do thorough research before actually choosing the right van rental in Toronto.

Some ways to find the right car and van rental service provider are:

  1. Prioritize your needs
    One needs to understand and prioritize his needs and objective of renting a car. No matter, you are going out for a vacation or business meeting, there is always a fleet of vehicles available with a rental company. Select the one that fulfills your budget and luxury needs. Features like CD player, passenger space, luggage storage, mileage etc are the factors that should be considered before renting your holiday vehicle.
  2. Count your crew
    The second most factor to consider is the number of passengers you are planning to go out with you. If you are a family of four, then a compact car will work for you. In case, yours is a joint family with ten or more family members, renting a 12 seater rental van is the appropriate choice. Since vacation locations are generally far away, one should focus on comfortable traveling.
  3. Account the luggage
    Most possibly, if more people are planning a trip, then obviously there will be more luggage. This means that you might need a wider luggage space. Keeping in account the storage space, its advised to go for convertibles or vans.
  4. Set your budget
    Budget is something that can actually hep you choose the right van. Always keep in mind your limits like how much can you afford when it comes to paying the van rent. Don’t comprise your comfort just for few bucks and select the best car rental that lies within your budget.

These are some effective tips to select the best van or car rental in Toronto depending upon your requirements. If you are looking to hire a sedan or luxury car from a reputable company, feel free to consult us at Holiday Car Rentals.

Awkward Situations Where Renting A Car Makes Sense

For some people, renting a car only makes sense when their own vehicle is down with repairs or they are planning out for a long vacation. Though there are many other situations when a rented car or van can turn up to be beneficial, there are still many who doesn’t realize its actual worth. With a 10 seater van rental, one can have a pleasured ride to a far off place, especially when he is accompanied with a large family and a whole load of luggage.

Some of the situations where car renting is considered a good option are:

  1. You are planning a long trip
    One of the common situation when people often make use of a rental luxury car or a 12 seater van is when they are ready to undertake a long vacation trip. If you think that your old car won’t be able to survive the potholes on the way, its ideal to go for a van rental service in Toronto.
  2. Your car has crossed its mileage limit
    If you own a leased car that is near to its mileage limit, try saving the miles for emergency purposes. Since driving a leased car can lead to heavy penalties, avoid driving it to save yourself with dollars. In this case, an ideal option is to rent a car that can not only offer you peace of mind, but can also save you from penalties.
  3. You are planning to sell it
    If you are thinking to sell your old car, then taking it for a 200 miles long trip can degrade its optimum resale value. Not only will your odometer show up additional miles, even your vehicle will experience excess of wear and tear. This can deteriorate its engine’s health, thereby leading to low resale prices. In such a situation, its best to opt for van rental.
  4. You are carrying hefty luggage
    Teenagers, especially the college going students needs to shift their belongings from here to there with every shift in temporary residence. Since the stuff they carry is generally heavy and hefty, their goodies can’t fit in a regular family sedan. To save yourself from to and fro trips and gasoline charges, take assistance of local car rental agencies.

These are some of the common situations where hiring a rental car is just the best choice. Alike the ones mentioned above, there are still many instances when driving a rented car makes more sense. If you are looking for a relivable van rental company in Toronto, contact Holiday Car & Truck Rental right away.

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Top 4 Benefits Of Booking A Rental Car Online

Are you planning out a trip for holidays? If yes, there are a lot more things you need to consider before actually deciding how to reach your holiday destination. With so many preparations to do, you suddenly realize that your personal vehicle isn’t spacious enough to accommodate the heavy luggage. If this happens just a night before, then hiring a compact car from a company may be impossible. This is when online car rental service in comes into play.

With just booking a vehicle midnight, you can find it parked aside your main gate in the morning. Moreover, doesn’t matter you want to rent a car for tomorrow, next week or even a month later, the benefits of booking a hire car online are worthy.

Some of the perks of online car renting are:

  1. Availability
    Alike online booking of hotels and flights, last minute car hiring is little expensive. This service is not widely available and is only offered by some reputed car rental companies. By booking in advance, an individual can enjoy a wider fleet of vehicles to choose from at a comparatively cheaper price.
  2. Accessibility
    Almost every city and province in the world have access to web. This makes a car rental website accessible from everywhere. One can surf through a company details, reviews, services, fleet and pricing to decide whether to rent a vehicle or not. This offers great assistance, especially if an individual isn’t having enough of time to visit every rental service provider.
  3. Prepay and save
    Since most of the cars and vans available online for booking offers a discount, an individual can end up saving money, time and hassles. Moreover, there is also an option of pre paying and post paying that is quite beneficial, in case the duration of your trip is uncertain.
  4. Research before booking
    With FAQ’s and other information available online, a person can take the right decision while booking a rental vehicle. After finding an appropriate service provider, don’t forget to go through its reviews on Yelp to make effective decision. This can save you from frauds and scams. In addition, almost everything you need to know about renting a car is available online to help you get best.

These are the few advantages offered by car and van rental services in Toronto. If you are planning for a trip in the coming month, fill in our online booking form today at Holiday Car Rentals.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Rent A 12 Seater Van In GTA

Vacations come up with a lot of thoughts and opinions like where to go and how to reach. Though traveling is fun, the major area of concern is the expenses that can add up for moving to and fro. Being carried away from your job, constantly rising fuel prices and outdoor eating are few of the things that may financially strain an individual. If you don’t hold a bigger budget, definitely opt for cost effective ways to plan your vacation, keeping in view the transportation mediums.

If yours is a joint family that is planning for a week or longer trip, then hiring a 12 passenger seater van rental service is an ideal option. One can travel conveniently and hassle free, despite of carrying hefty luggage. Moreover, if you opt to travel separately in different vehicles or cars, no doubt who’ll end up with much more expenses and fuel consumption costs.

Things to consider while renting a van are:

  1. How many people are going?

    How much sense a van makes depend greatly on the number of passengers. If you are a small family of just three or four members, then traveling in a car is recommended. In case, there are more than four persons accompanied with luggage, hiring a Mercedes sprinter van rental in Toronto is a convenient option. Most possibly, one can place all the gear under the seats or in the rear edge of the vehicle, thereby managing to have enough of space to sit comfortably throughout the journey.

  2. How far away are you planning?

    Vacations are usually long distance, but if you are planning for a location that is just a couple of hours away, try to travel by local transport. Renting a van is an ideal option for long distances that often takes more than five hours to reach. Determine the distance in miles and check the gas mileage. This will help in figuring out the cost involved in driving your own car compared to the rented van.

  3. How long will you be on vacations?

    Its ideal to opt for a 10 seater van rental in Toronto, if the duration of your trip is beyond a week. Families often prefer having a van for longer trips, since they can share and spend all their time together. In addition, one can take up turn for driving, whenever a person gets tired driving constantly.

Whenever you are looking for a van rental company, make sure that you choose a service that is reputed and trustworthy. For renting luxury sedans, compact cars and passenger vans, call us at Holiday Car & Truck Rental.

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Six Tips For Renting A Car Without Credit Card

When it comes to hiring a car for your vacations there are a number of requirements you must meet before a car rental agency allow you to drive away in one of their vehicles. Having a credit card in your name is one of those requirements. It can cause problems for those who don’t have a credit card and this is where debit card car hire come in. There are a number of car rental agencies who will allow payments to be made by debit cards.

If you don’t have a credit card in your own name, you need to carefully review the car rental company’s policies when booking a car or even call the agency for clarification. Some companies allow you to book a car with a debit card. It depends on the company’s policies and location.

Here are a few suggestions on ways in which you can hire a car without a credit card.

  1. Using a debit card: If you don’t have a credit card, don’t worry, you can present your debit card to get a car on rent. Many car rental agencies will accept a debit card payment instead of a credit card. But this process can be a longer.
  2. Bring plenty of identification: In order to save time, you may need to bring extra identification. When you pay through a debit card, you may be required to present some extra identification. Make sure you are ready for this in advance and present your required documents. You might be asked to show a recent utility bill or a travel itinerary.
  3. Look around: Don’t believe that one rental company’s policy will be representative of another’s. Every company has its own policies or unique set of rules. You will need to find an agency that allows you to get a car with reasonable rates.
  4. Don’t expect a luxury vehicle: If you are using a debit card to pay the amount, your vehicle options will be limited. The company doesn’t want to take any risk with renting to debit users. You may be eligible for something relatively small and cheap.
  5. Prepare for additional hurdles: Paying with a debit card can be a longer process. Companies need to verify your identification, check your credit and sometimes even call your bank. You can expect to be treated like a second class customer.
  6. The company will check your credit: When you are renting a car with a debit card, the company will check your credit first. In case of the cataclysm, the company wants to sure you can pay the damages. If you have ample credit, renting a car is not a big deal.

There you go! Now you can get a car on rent without using a credit card. For more information about this, you can make a call to us at Holiday Car & Truck Rental.

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All About The Hidden Cost You Need To Know Before Renting A Car

When you are planning to book a car for your family trip or vacations, it is the most important advice that you should never be blinded by cheap or attractive rates. Depending on your destination where you want to go a lot of extra charges may apply, including licensing fees, insurance, airport fee, customer facility charges, local and state taxes.

The process of renting a car for your trip can be a frustrating and daunting for anyone, especially when you are looking for a fantastic rate. Finding a car that you want may be a good deal, but this is not at all the case. After returning the car, when you pay the final bill, the charges have been added that you were not aware of. Read the following tips to cut the expenses you are most likely to face.

  1. Airport fee: Most of the people make this mistake by hiring a car at an airport location. All most every airport rental agency have additional charges or taxes. These charges do not apply for non-airport locations. If you are flying and it is important to book a vehicle, try to find a vehicle just outside of the airport zone.
  2. Fuel charges: When you return the rental car, it is better to top off the fuel tank, otherwise you will get hit with a refueling charge. It includes the cost of gasoline and hefty convenience charges. The most of the rental agencies require you to return the car with the same amount of gas as when you picked up the car. By filling the car before you return, you can easily avoid extra charges.
  3. Extra driver: Many agencies charge a fee for an extra driver. If you want to put your partner’s or friend’s name as a second driver, you need to think twice before doing this. You can shop around or ask from your friends for rental agencies that don’t charge extra for a second driver.
  4. Early returning fee: Do you know some companies charge you extra when you return the vehicle early. Yes, it is true that some rental agencies charge you for breaking the contract by returning the vehicle early.
  5. Under 25 penalty: This penalty applies to drivers who are under the age of twenty five. If you are under twenty five and thinking about to get a car on rent, be prepared yourself to pay a huge amount per day. Some rental agencies will waive the surcharges. So, you can shop around and compare prices before booking.

The idea of renting a car can make your vacation trip more special. It is important to consult with two or three rental agencies to get a good deal on car rental services. Holiday Car and Truck Rental Toronto offers a wide range of vehicle rental services at affordable prices.

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Renting A Car First Time? Know These Important Things

There may come a time in everyone’s life when you need to rent a car. Renting a car is a terrific experience, especially if you are going to rent a car first time. It is not about newbies and experienced. Sometimes people who rent the car several times, make some silly mistakes.

Renting a car is an advantage to go somewhere and it is cheaper and comfortable than using limited public transportation or expensive cabs. However, there are some hidden costs that car renting companies never tell you. So, you need to be extra careful when renting a car from an industry. Before getting a car on rent, make sure you know what you need and what your budget is. Renting a car makes sense and help you save money that you’d be spending on cabs and public transportation.

Here are a few essential things to keep in mind when you pick up a car from a renting agency.

  1. Use credit card: Renting a car from an agency is a breeze, but make sure you use your credit card to deposit the payment. Some companies give discounts or other offers on credit card. Your credit card may offer an insurance policy. If so, you don’t need to buy an additional insurance policy. Various major credit card companies offer coverage to the card holder with no additional cost.
  2. You have to pay more for driver: When you are renting a car, it is obvious that you will need to pay extra charges for the driver. Many people don’t know about it, especially those who rent first time. But it is the rule in the car rental industry. So, when you are travelling with your family or friends, it is good to decide which one is going to drive.
  3. Do not pick a car at the airport: Everyone knows that picking a car from an airport very easy. But you may don’t know that you have to pay extra bucks after getting the car. If you want to save a few bucks, avoid rent a car from airport and consider taking a car from a rental company outside the airport.
  4. Kids cost more to drive rental cars: TIt does not matter that your twenty five years old daughter or son has a spotless driving record. Car rental agencies don’t care about it. Many car rental companies do not allow kids to drive. If you are under twenty five and you get a car from an agency, you should expect a daily or hourly charge tacked on your bill.

Renting a car can make your vacation trip more thrilling and exciting if you get the right car from the right agency. Before choosing the company, it is crucial for you to act smartly. Holiday Car and Truck Rental Brampton provides you a huge range of car rental services at reasonable prices. You can call us anytime to discuss your requirements.

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The Most Common Car Rental Pitfalls That You Don’t Want to Make

Renting a car for your vacation makes sense. It helps you save you a lot of bucks that you’d be spending on taxi rides. It will give you huge advantages over having to wait for local transportation. Here are some common mistakes that people do while renting a car.

  1. Renting a car from the airport: The most common mistake which is done by most of the people. Leasing from an air terminal will charge you with extra charges. Renting from an air terminal means airport surcharges. To avoid these fees and save your bucks, it is important that you choose a car rental service away from the airport.
  2. No shopping around: There are various car rental companies available in the market. You may like to hire the company which is near to you or which refer by your friend or colleague. But it is important to spend your time to get the right rental service for you.
  3. Not understanding penalties: Each and every person knows who get car on rent that returning a car late will cost extra. But there may very less person who knows that some companies charge you for returning a car early. Here are some other penalties that will cost you like never smoke in the car, always top up the gas tank and others.
  4. Not using coupons and discount codes: There are various discount coupons that you can use when renting a car. Most of the online car rental companies offer you dozens of possible discounts. On the other hands many banks and credit cards provide discount codes to their members to use when booking a car on rent.
  5. Not joining the club: Many car rental companies launched club programs time to time. Rental companies provide various offers to their clients through these programs. If you are not signing up for the agency’s club program, you leaving plenty of benefits and discounts.
  6. Not returning the car on time: If you get a car on Friday and return it on Sunday, you may be charged for three days, instead of two. Most of the company charges you on a twenty four hour basis. So if you return the car after twenty six hours, two hours late, you will be charged for two full days.
  7. Buying extra insurance: This one is the most common mistake that people make while they are hiring a vehicle on rent. If you already have an insurance policy, then you don’t need to purchase it again.

If you are thinking about to get a car on rent for your next vacation, be sure to shop around and avoid these pitfalls to get the best possible deal. To spend your vacations within your budget, hire a car from Holiday Car Rental in Toronto and Brampton.

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Looking To Rent a Car? Don’t Believe The Following Myths

We all love our cars and there is no doubt about the same. The fact is that you cannot take your car everywhere you go. For such places, it is best to rent out a car of your choice. Moreover, it will make you drive a completely different car and also let you explore a new area on your own. No matter for what reason you are looking to rent a car, it is important that you get all your facts right as there are a lot of myths prevailing around the same.

Car Rental Myths & Facts

Myth- It is always good to stick to multinational companies.
Fact- There is no doubt that multinational companies will give you a quality service but this does not mean you can’t get them through the local suppliers.

Myth- There is no need to book the car in advance as the price is always the same.
Fact- This is not true as an advance booking will definitely save you money. Booking on the same day means less availability of cars and more demand, what you think they will do? Moreover, booking in advance will ensure your travel which a same day booking can’t give.

Myth- You are always charged for the damages.
Fact- This one is a very common myth but not true at all. You are not made to pay the damages as they have the insurance policies for the same. This does not mean you can damage it anyway you like to. Only genuine damage would be considered for insurance and not something irrelevant.

Myth- Car rental companies operate 24/7.
Fact- Many people think of car rental companies just like an airport which operates 24/7. Rental companies are just like any other company which have fixed working hours. It is always better to call such companies in advance to know about their timings.

Myth- If I pick a car at 11 pm for 1 hour, I get charged for the whole day.
Fact- This is again not true as your rent starts at the moment you rent the car and not by the day, it is not a hotel I guess. There is no need to wait for an hour thinking you will save a day’s charge!

Myth- If I miss my time, I can turn up at any time of the day.
Fact-This is not true as a company depends on its rental income and if you don’t show up, the company is likely to allocate the same car to someone else. However, if you turn up within 4 hours after your estimated time, you are likely to get the car. In such cases, it is always advisable to inform them in advance.

Myth- All car rental companies are the same.
Fact- Just like any other field, two car rental companies cannot be the same. They will differ greatly in their mode of conduct, pricing, facilities, insurance terms etc. Always check in advance before you finalize the booking.

Any More Doubts?
If you still have any questions left to ask, feel free to contact Holiday Car Rentals in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto. Our professionals will clear all your doubts and guide you the complete steps required for a car rental booking!

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5 Advantages of Renting A 12 Seater Van

There goes the saying, more the people, more the fun! A big van like 12 seater is just made for a purpose like this. We all remember going together to the school in our school bus during childhood. The only thing special was that everyone was traveling together and so was the fun. In a 12 seater van, you won’t get that amount of people but you will get that kind of feeling for sure while traveling.

There are many benefits of hiring a 12 seater van which you should consider :-

  1. Travel together : As said before, one of the biggest advantages of a big van is the chance to travel together and make lots of memories. You can get your cousins, neighbors, friends or other family members to plan to go to a picnic or some religious place, marriages and what not. Just imagine the amount of fun you all can have under one roof.
  2. Economical : Think about this, 12 people who know each other have to reach a place but have to use 3 different cars for going to that place. Doesn’t it make sense to hire one car than shelling out bucks for the petrol and road taxes of 3 different cars. It not only saves you petrol, but also save your car from the wear and tear which might come along.
  3. Office trip : Planning for an office team event, you have come to the right place. Office trips are generally done to carry an activity which needs proper planning and more discussions among its team members. A 12 seater van offers you the same, giving all its travelers an ample time to discuss and manage their things while they reach their destination. Moreover, it will enhance mutual understanding amongst team members which is a must for team members and a company’s growth.
  4. Time saving : When one or more group of family or friends have to reach the same place, generally what is seen is that one group waits for the other group to arrive and then proceed. This wastes a lot of time and also delay the time of the occasion, thus spoiling the mood of other groups but with the 12 seater van, you all can travel together and reach at the same time. So, no more waiting plus you enjoy traveling together.
  5. Relaxation to driver : Imagine 3 or more drivers driving all way long to reach a destination, but with a 12 seater van, all the drivers don’t have to worry driving their car throughout the journey and get tired.

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