3 Smart Ideas When You Need A Rental Car For Someone Else

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3 Smart Ideas When You Need A Rental Car For Someone Else

It may be you want to rent a car for someone else as a surprise gift or just need to make a reservation for an employee for a business tour. Whatever the reason behind it, in order to rent a car for anyone else you must be of legal age. Technically, if you are ready to pay for anyone else for any specific reason, then you can simply book a rental car. But, the car rental companies may verify your online reservation, so you have to confirm them on a priority basis. Below are some ideas that can make you an easy in car rental for others.

  • Book Online
    Just go online, book the car using your own credit card and enter the details of the person for whom you want to book a rental car. Make sure, for whom you are going to book should know so that clearly. So that, The rental car could not be rejected unknowingly.
  • Separate Business Account
    If your company is used to arrange business tours for your employees, you can set up your business account. For this, you can contact the car rental company directly.
  • Call The Rental Company
    The best one idea is to call the rental company and discuss your concern. Every company has its own policies. You can contact the company and get an idea on how they can help you to book the car rental for someone else.

So, follow these ideas and get a car on rent for someone else, whether it is your family member or your friend. If you are looking for the car rental services in Toronto for your own or someone else, then reach Holiday Car Rental. We offer a comprehensive range of fleet and provide on an affordable rates.

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3 Tips To Make Your Car Rental Hassle-Free And Enjoyable

No matter, you need to go out for your business deals or arranging a family tour, you may look for car rental services. Because, traveling out of station become more enjoyable if you hire car on rent. With the help of an expert driver, you can rest assured for safe driving. Moreover, if you are traveling with your family, you can get a vehicle with the capacity to accommodate maximum people. Thus, if you are looking to hire a car rental, read about the following tips to make all process hassle-free.

  • Local Car Rental
    In order to find the best car rental services, you can go online. With online search, you will find the reputed one as most professionals used to serve online. Moreover, you will get vast knowledge about their services, timing, fuel policy, drivers, charges, fleet and additional offers. If you have any query you can take their contact numbers to discuss on call.
  • Online Reservation
    An online reservation turns out to be beneficial in saving your time and cost of visiting car rental company. You will need to go their online reservation page and submit the required information. Once your booking is confirmed just get ready for the day you want to travel.
  • Inspect The Vehicle Before Leaving
    To protect yourself and your family from any unwanted incident, you should inspect the car before leaving. However, a driver with you is known well to the security of travelers. Nevertheless, for your own satisfaction you can once inspect your vehicle if there is anything overlooked by the driver.

Finally, you are ready to travel across the world with the car rental services. For making your car rental easier, you can reach Holiday Car Rentals. Our comprehensive range of car rental services are the most recommended services in GTA.

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Manual Vs Online Car Rental Reservation, Which Is Better?

Have you decided where you want to spend your next holidays? If yes, you may now be thinking about the car on rent. Actually, the Internet has become a one-stop solution for all searches whether it is about beautiful destinations around the world or looking for the source to roam worldwide.

Surely, when you search for the car rental services, you are suggested to make online car reservation as it will be the profitable deal for you. The major benefit of car rental, it saves your time that you may spend to visit a particular car rental company to make a deal. While choosing the online reservation for your car can turn out to be much more convenient.

  • Vehicle Selection
    You may like to ride 12-15 passenger, cars, vans, SUV or any other? Instead of asking verbally, you can check online and go with your favorite choice.
  • Compare The Rate & Fuel Policy
    Every company has distinct fuel policy and rates to provide car on rent. Rather than going to different companies physically, you can compare their rates and other terms online. This will result to choose the one as per your budget.
  • Vast Knowledge Before Hire
    A well established and experienced car on rent company will surely deliver vast knowledge through their web portal. Take the benefits of online details to know about company other services such as the cost of an extra child seat, quiz offers, etc.
  • No Hassle
    You don't need to depend on the working hours of car rental companies to make a final deal. Anytime you can be online and make your reservation with detailed information.

So, arrange your vacation and visit the official site of Holiday Car Rentals to make an online reservation for car on rent. We offer reliable and affordable car rental services in Toronto.

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Major 6 Common Car Hire Scams You Need To Avoid Wisely

Did you ever hire a car on rent? If yes, there are chances that you would have experienced some kind of scam. Often your attention goes to the headline of car rental companies offering attractive offers to the customers. It may be like cheap rental cars, lower rates, flexible timing, etc.

But, behind these headlines, there may be something that your eyes are not getting. Well, no longer you need to search for them as the tips to provide a proper guidance are here:

  • Licensed And Registered Always remember to show your license to the car rental company and get registered with them before taking car out. It saves the people from unexpected accidental issues.
  • Count The Member In The Car How many people going in a rental car, it should be confirmed before you could take your car. It is because sometimes, you may become a victim of extra charges for taking extra members with you. Moreover, it is also advisable to consult if children seat is charged extra.
  • Don’t Exchange Your Car Sometimes, you book a suitable car, but it is exchanged with another car exactly on the time when you are going to drive away. This may be to trap you in the low performing car to charge extra. So Be Aware!
  • Fuel Policies Unlike car rental companies offers distinct fuel policies and they mostly display it clearly. So, if you are not getting list of fuel policy then consult with your company and compare the fuel charges.
  • Check The Car Status A genuine thing that everyone should know before hiring the vehicle is to check it’s status. If there is any damage, bring it in the notice of owner and also take a picture of this.
  • Test Drive A test drive is to ensure yourself that apart from your car’s outer look how it is going with its internal parts. It is a also good way to check the driving sense of your driver if you are hiring him with the car.

Keeping all these in your mind, if you are looking for perfect car rental services then approach Holiday Car Rentals in GTA.

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Amazing Six Tips Can Save Your Extra Money On Rental Cars

If you are getting a chance to see new destinations across the world, you should never miss it. It may be an official tour or just a get together with your friends. If you have made up your mind to go out, you must be looking for the rental vehicles.

Because, a rented vehicle gives you ease to manage your luggage. Additionally, one can save extra time. Estimating your all expenditures, you should immediately look for the reasonable rental car.

Further, you can follow the below tips to save money on rental cars.

  • Book in Advance

    Booking of a car in advance is a money saving deal as compared to dealing on a counter. Even advance booking is easier and quicker. Thus you can save your time to stay in the queue and waiting for your turn.

  • Book Smallest Vehicle

    If you are going alone, then book a vehicle that is enough to carry you and your luggage safely. Choosing a vehicle more than your need may wastage of money.

  • Check the Mileage Options

    It is advisable to check whether your rental car offers unlimited mileage options. It should be capable to go anywhere you need to go. One should check if the rental car stung for any excess miles.

  • Check the Fuel Policy

    One should go through the fuel policy clearly. If the company charges the fuel, it would be cost either higher or as per the local petrol pump charges.

  • Additional Driver Fee

    There are some companies providing driver along with the rental car. But you have to pay extra for the driver. It is better to take anyone who can drive well. It also turns out to be beneficial in the contribution of car rental.

  • Inspect the Car Before Hiring

    Personally, one is recommended for the inspection of a car before driving out. If there is any damage then clearly notice it to the owner and take its picture to you. Surely, you would not want to be a liability for the damage done by others.

Following the above tips, if you are looking for the best and affordable car rental services in Toronto hire Holiday Car Rental.

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How to Select A 12 Passenger Van Rental?

Are you planning a family trip or picnic in the summer vacations? If yes, the foremost thing to think upon is the medium of travel you’ll use. If the place you want to visit is at a good distance or a hilly area, opt for renting a car.

In case, you are going out with a group of friends or distant relatives, its better a hire a 12-15 passenger rental van for extra comfort and space. Since a van can accommodate more passengers, it can help you in saving dollars on transportation. For the first time customers, here are few tips to find or select the right van rental service.

  1. Count the Passengers

    First of all, decide where you want to spend your vacations, no matter, it’s a hilly or sub-urban region. Once you have decided, count the number of persons accompanying you, right from the kids to pets. For 3 to 4 persons, it is ideal to rent a compact car, whereas for 10-15 passengers, renting a passenger van is the right choice. This will not only provide you with enough of space to rest or rotate but will also the convenience of traveling that too being accompanied with luggage.

  2. Decide the Route

    Most of the car rental companies have varying renting policies, which included mileage plan and daily or weekly rates. If your journey and stay are for a short duration, go for daily rental rates. In case, you want to rent a van for a week or more, its advised to opt for the weekly rate.

  3. Go with Local Van Rental

    Since there are a lot of sprinter van rental service providers out there, choose the most reputed and reliable ones. Renting a 12-passenger van is a complex decision. To prevent falling victim to any scams or higher prices, ask your rental company to provide you with a copy of the agreement. Don’t forget to check their Yelp or online reviews for a hassle-free experience.

So, these are few ways to choose the right 12 passenger van rental for your summer vacation travel needs. If you are looking for a reliable car rental company in Toronto, contact Holiday Car & Truck Rental right away.

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Rent A Car Or Drive My Own? 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

To have a good start of a vacation, there is always need of perfect road trip. No matter, you want to travel for enjoying the sights or desiring to experience your own ride, the choice is up to you. If you are kind of regular vacationer, then it’s good to think about renting a car instead of taking your own. The only thing you need to do is to analyze which type of car you want to rent. Even, one has to ask few questions from him before making any choice of a rental car.

Below are the few essential questions you need to be asking yourself when renting a car:

  1. Does It Meet My Financial Needs?

    When someone is on renting a car for his trip, it will surely add an extra cost to the trip. In order to balance against the rental rates, you need to discuss few financial factors before making any final decision. You must make sure not to go over your mileage limits as it can make you face big penalties.

  2. What Insurance Comes Under Rental?

    If you are thinking to rent a car through some online rental agency, then it’s essential to ask for the insurance which comes with the rental part. One has to check for all the options that are available along with its price.

  3. Is Rental Car Is Reliable For Trip?

    Being a traveler, one must ensure that the vehicle must be well-maintained and its rent gives you a feeling of the new. It’s should be reliable to stop the car at local attractions and keep you away from frequent breakdowns.

  4. Do I Pay For Gas Prices?

    The concept of gas prices might double the transportation costs so you must check before taking them into account. One can check the prices online in addition to car rental run. This will explain you the appropriate amount that you have to pay for the trip.

  5. Either I Choose Manual Or Automatic?

    It’s essential to choose the vehicle which one can easily drive and it must be well-suited with a budget.

Online search is the essential aspect to be made if one needs to pick a suitable car rental deal. If you are looking for well-maintained car rental services, you can choose us at Holiday Car Rental.

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How To Beat Winters? 8 Car Rental Tips That Really Work!

One of the best ways to travel is by renting a car as it gives huge advantage rather than paying for taxis every time. Even for the winter driving, it’s not a bad idea to go with the rental deal. Usually, people avoid rental services in the fear of facing risk with heavy snow and fog. To tackle with snowy roads, the easy key is to adjust the weather conditions and ensure your vehicle is ready to deliver smooth journey ahead.

Here are the few car rental tips that really work in the winter season:

  • When you decided to set out with your rental car, must prefer to check the weather along with road conditions. Rather than moving in harsh weather, it’s better to allow yourself to wait for the conditions to improve.

  • In winters, one must make sure that all the car tires must be in good condition and must prefer to keep a spare with him. While traveling, must allow you to visit the gas station and check for regular air pressure.

  • One must consider keeping the fuel tank as full as possible as gas run out is quite worse in a winter season. Make sure to fill the tank when it goes below the half level.

  • You might pick up the shovel with you as less-populated areas have lots of snow. By clearing the snow with the help of a shovel, can make your way clearer.

  • If you have low visibility on the snowy roads, then you must turn on your lights to move safely.

  • Make sure you must hold a vehicle insurance with you as it is a good way to pay for the rental damages.

  • Always try to move with normal speed and never break suddenly as it can make the vehicle to skid.

  • You must keep the road-side assistance with car rental company and call them if get in an emergency.

Before driving in snow, make sure to ready your car rental with few safety measures. If you want to arrive safely at your destination, you can hire our rental car services at Holiday Car Rentals.

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Car Rental Tips For First-Time Business Travelers

For first-time business travelers, renting a car is an overwhelming task when someone has incomplete information about its process. Even, with so many rental car options to choose from, the task of selecting one is more complex. There are also most of the travelers who drive easy in and out of the city because they are already aware of the whole process. For those, who are completely unknown to this car rental world, must familiarize himself or do some research before making any final deal.

Below are the few tips that every business owner must adopt before booking a rental car:

  • Rather than booking a vehicle at the airport, you must save your money by picking the vehicle close to the hotel room. This saves you from paying any additional fees or off-site depots.

  • Being a business traveler, one must make sure to refuel the car at a local gas station as the prices may be two to three times more if the car owner charge you for refueling it.

  • You do not forget to add velocity number by presenting your card number along with a license. If the rental car is on the contract, then you will definitely get the points.

  • Never forget to look at the insurance part if a company is booking a vehicle for you. If the insurance is not included, then ask for the personal and corporate credit card which can cover the insurance.

  • It’s advisable to read the company’s travel policy to know what they cover and this will also make you aware of the extra charges.

  • When renting a car for you, you must keep the number of your company’s point person with you in case if anything goes wrong at mid of the way.

Renting a car means you can enjoy complete freedom and flexibility in your trip. The above few practical tips can definitely save your money and also avoid problems with your rented car in a way. In order to have world-class business traveling, you can hire our affordable car rental services at Holiday Car Rentals.

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3 Tips for Maximizing Your Van Rental Experience

If you are planning a hassle-free family vacation out of the city, your ultimate choice should be to rent a 7-12 passenger van for comfortable and safe traveling. For a positive car rental experience, it’s better to skip the big rental companies and go for your local van rentals. To make sure you won’t have to go through the last day troubles, always opt for advance bookings. However, there are a lot of other things that you can follow to keep your rental stress as low as possible.

Some of the tips that can help you in maximizing the 7-12 passenger van rental experience are:

  • Book your car rental early

    When it comes to getting the car or van model you desire for, try making a prior reservation. The longer you delay booking of the holiday van, the more you risk of not getting your ideal rental vehicle as well as comfort. Moreover, by booking early you can rest assured with a peace of mind and can turn your attention towards other trip details.

  • Check out the special offers

    Never book a car, or van without first interrogating about the special offers being provided by your local rental dealers. This will not only help you in saving money but also allow you to enjoy the benefits of being an early bird. After knowing about the offers, make an efficient choice and select a van rental that offers the most competitive rates.

  • Read through the details

    Being a responsible customer, it is your responsibility to ask your van rental company about all the pre-requisites and policies needs to be followed when it comes to renting a vehicle for a long vacation. Always read through the rental policies to know exactly what a rental company can expect from you and what you can expect from them. Always ask for the advance and in-depth details to avoid any surprises or hidden charges.

These were the few tips you should follow in order to minimize the rental stress and to make the most out of your location. Call Holiday Car Rentals for luxury cars and passenger van rentals in Toronto.

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