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How To Find A Good Car Rental Deal In Toronto

These days, it is very easy to find the best car rental deal. If traveling is your passion, you can get the best car rental deal by just one click. It doesn’t matter where you are traveling, 12 seater van rental Toronto offers you money saver car rental deal. You can book a car according to your budget and as per your model requirement from online. It sounds good that 12 passenger van rental Toronto provides online car rental services with discount. There are many factors which you should know before getting a car on rent.

  1. Find On Internet: There are multiple car rental companies available in the market and all these companies offer online car rental services. Internet is the best way to choose best car on rent for your vacations.
  2. Compare Rates: It is most important that when you book a car online, first check 3-4 websites and compare their prices. Reason being, the charges of some companies may be relatively high that may not fit your budget.
  3. Ask For Discount: Discount facility is available on many sites from where you book a car on rent. Companies also offer discount codes and rewards points to customers using their credit or debit card for payment. These reward points and discount codes help you save money.
  4. Choose Local Company To Hire A Car: It is ideal to choose a local car rental service. One thing is sure that local agencies always offer you discount and negotiated price for your rental car. You can find online or ask your friends about a good car rental agency in your local area.
  5. Book Early To Avail Low Price: Some car rental companies give discount or some points on early booking. You can avail these types of schemes through early booking of car. But make sure about one thing that check all policies of the company before booking.
  6. Ignore Renting From Airport: Every time you hire a car from airport, you have to pay extra charges. If you want to get a rental car on affordable prices, make sure you compare the prices of inter city car rental and airport car rental. Airport car rental charges are high as they are liable to pay parking fee.

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7 years ago Car Rental Tips

Renting A Car? Make Sure You Don’t Use It As

Ok, so you are planning to rent a car or 12 seater van rental Toronto or 12 passenger Van rental Toronto. No matter what size or type you are renting out, you would surely have a purpose in mind for using that rented vehicle. Today, in this article, we would discuss a few things that you should never use your rental car or vehicle for. Remember, you should take care of the rented vehicle just like yours. Never treat it as a general reference tool.

A Spot to Smoke

‘No smoking’ is the one condition that every car hire supplier would mention in the contract. So, it is advised to not to make your rental vehicle a spot to smoke. It doesn’t matter how much air freshener you use to conceal the smell, but one should not breach the contract.

A Transport for Pets

This is another thing that most of the suppliers will stimulate in their terms and conditions. No pets are allowed in their hire cars. So, make sure you avoid taking your pets in the rental car or you can consult the customer service about an alternative.

An Eatery

Planning to eat and drink in your rental vehicle? Make sure you keep the space clean and there are no crumbs, large food particles, or food wrappers left in the car. Don’t let any of the food particle secure their place into the seat crevices, onto the floor, or anywhere else in the car. In case, you are thinking of having proper lunch or dinner, then pull over and enjoy your meal in other setting than your rental car.

A Vehicle for Learner Drivers

Make sure your travel companion is also a skilled driver so you can share the driving. It is not at all a good idea to let your amateur or a learner companion drive the rented vehicle. You should not take any risk with the rented car and especially your life.

Make sure you avoid using your rental vehicle for any of the above purposes. In case, you are thinking of hiring a car for your trip, contact Holiday Car & Truck Rental. We carry a comprehensive range of rental cars, trucks and SUVs. We have a car or truck for your every occasion. Call us NOW!

7 years ago Car Rental Tips

Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Van Rental Companies

Are you looking for a 12 seater van Rental Toronto? Rental companies often offer their customers extras and insurances which look beneficial from a distance but a closer look proves quite the opposite. Below are the tips to help you avoid getting ripped off while making a 12 seater van rental deal.

Book ahead of time : Last minute reservations give the van rental company a chance to ask for higher prices. If you are running out of options, you are likely to settle for what comes your way and end up paying more than what the actual price of the deal should have been. Hence book your 12 seater van Rental Toronto ahead of time so that you get the time and patience to compare the options given by different agencies. Rental companies located near airports tend to charge more hence try considering companies in off airport locations.

The fuel tank : Most van rental companies ask for an additional charge for the full fuel tank they provide customers at the start of their trip but the customers are not given any credit if they return the van with fuel left. Look for companies which ask you to return the van with the same level of fuel, and do not charge additionally for it.

Check for damages : Often, customers don’t check their van rental for damages, scratches and dents. The Result? They end up paying a huge sum of money. Check for damages that are already existing in the van and document them by taking pictures, and get them signed by a company employee in the form so that you are not held responsible for them. Also after returning from your trip keep a check on your credit card bill to ensure you are not charged for rental van damage.

High insurance price : Extra waiver insurances offered by 12 seater van rental Toronto companies are meant to relieve you from the additional charges that come with renting a van. But these insurances can easily increase the van hire prices. Its best to do a little research before agreeing with the policies offered by the rental companies. You are likely to get a better insurance deal regarding the excess coverage from your own vehicle insurer or from other insurance companies in Toronto.

Follow these tips and enjoy a better driving experience and a smooth trip knowing that you have not been cheated. Rent a 12 passenger Van rental Toronto from Holiday Car Rentals and get set to experience an unforgettable trip.

7 years ago Car Rental Tips

Planning to Rent a Van? Useful Tips & Advice

When you are picking up your van rental it is crucial that you ensure everything is taken care of beforehand. Every car and van rental company will have few different conditions and rules, so it is important that you are familiar with all items when you make a booking. Below are the useful tips to help you make the entire process hassle-free.

1. Plan ahead of time Before you even start requesting van hire quotes, determine how much will it cost you to move around by van and how big is it. It is important that you get this right, or else you will end up paying for a van that is too big or too small for your needs.
Vans differ in sizes. Depending on your requirements, you can go for a 15 passenger van rental or a 12 seater van rental Toronto.

2. Compare as much as you can. When comparing van rental prices, make sure to take into account exclusions and inclusions. Insurance can differ significantly, so find out what each supplier is providing coverage against. Also, remember that cheaper is not always better.

3. Check the documents.When you are picking up your van rental, carefully check all the documentation. Make sure you are not being sold any extras.

4. What to carry along with you. Take your driving license and credit card along with you. Most companies also ask for the latest utility bill to prove your home address.

5. Check your vehicle. Before driving away your van rental, thoroughly check it inside and outside for any damage. Also, check the van’s mileage for accuracy. Make sure you know what to do in case you meet with an accident or your vehicle breaks down.

6. Know the basics of driving a van. Make sure to find out the dimensions of the van you have rented, especially if you have less or no experience with driving vans. It may be much wider or higher than the vehicle you are used to. It may also be difficult to park a van, so be careful.

7. Dropping off. When you drop the van rental off, make you return it in the same condition as you picked it in. This also includes the level of fuel. Avoid dropping your van rental late as this may incur additional charges.

8. And finally. Review your credit card statement to ensure that no extra charges have been made for your van rental.

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5 Things You Need To Do When Your Rental Car Breaks Down

Though car rentals in Toronto are well maintained, but still it is a car; a machine, that can break down at any point of time. And needless to say, stranded in the middle of nowhere is quite stressful. So, it is better to play safe and keep a few precautionary steps in mind that can help you overcome the situation without much headache.

Do not panic

Car breakdown may sound daunting, but panicking will only make things worse. In such situation you need to stay calm so that you can find out ways to get out of the situation. Once your car has stopped moving, find out what has gone wrong. If you lack the technical expertise, think what you can do next to get out of the situation. If you are driving alone, you know that you don’t have any choice instead of helping yourself. Remember, panicking will only delay and worse the things.

Pull Over to the Shoulder

If you feel that your car is breaking down, make sure you reach the right shoulder of the road, particularly if it is a highway. Get off the road as soon as possible to avoid any accident or hit by the vehicles. After reaching the shoulders, relax a bit as you are not stranded in the middle of a busy lane, you can take your time to think what needs to be done next. If you plan to walk on the road to seek someone’s help, make sure you walk on the left side of the road facing the traffic.

Turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers

Make sure you are aware of the buttons and functions of your rented car. Turn on the hazard lights, in order to warn other drivers that there is something wrong with your vehicle. This way other drivers will make a safe distance from you and your vehicle.

Try to plan how to get out of the situation

Once you are ensured about the safety of your vehicle and turned on its hazard lights, it is time to assess the situation and think about something that can help. Look at the car carefully, as there might be some problem that you can handle easily, such as a flat tire that you can repair. However, if the situation is out of your control, call your friend or any roadside assistance service for help.

Keep a mobile phone

A mobile phone is a must, especially if you are traveling alone. Always keep the phone number of the tool truck company and rental agency in your phone book, so that you can contact them in case of an emergency.

Stay calm and think of ways that can resolve the issue and get you back on the road. However, before hiring any car or a 12 passenger Van rental Toronto, make sure you get it checked by a mechanic, especially if you are on a long distance journey.

To know more about can rental services, you can contact us at Holiday Car Rentals. Come and choose the car or truck of your choice to make your journey memorable.

8 years ago Car Rental Tips

How To Avoid Being Stranded

You might have laughed at the story when your friend ran out of fuel when out or about. Though, it might not be funny for your friend at the time. Most of the people would ask the one same question, how did you not see the flashing fuel gauge icon? In some situations, people think there’s plenty of fuel left, or they are not being in close proximity to a service station. In order to avoid the situation of being stranded in your car rental Brampton, have a look at some helpful tips below:

  1. If you are hiring a vehicle such as 12 seater van rental or 7 passenger van rental that is different from your general mode of transport, make sure you ask the customer service representative about the characteristics of your rental car. Ask if they can provide some details on the car’s fuel consumption and what’s the average kilolitre range.
  2. Your trip meter is an effective tool that will help you determine the distance you have traveled. This will give you a better insight into the appropriate travel distance your remaining fuel will most probably cover and when you need to start looking for a service station.
  3. Make sure you consider your travel destination and its landscapes. Remote locations might not provide you the abundance of service stations that cities provide. Don’t forget to download a few good apps that can guide you the popular and the most nearest service stations.
  4. Remember, your driving conditions also affect your fuel efficiency. If your destination consists of a lot of starting and stopping that will put greater strain on your rental vehicle’s fuel consumption. On the contrary, if you are driving through a highway at a constant speed, you will get a better fuel efficiency
  5. One of the simplest task you need to do is to regularly check the fuel gauge. Some vehicles display a digital fuel monitor while some have the standard analogue format. The way the rental vehicle will indicate when you are on empty can also vary between vehicle models. In order to be safe, try to avoid allowing the vehicle to get below a quarter full prior to refuelling.

Top Tip – Locating the fuel cap

Ever thought what that little arrow next to your fuel icon means? Well next you hired a rental vehicle and are entering the service station, trying to figure out which side your fuel cap is on, have a look at the icon for assistance.

All in all, common sense and consideration for your rental vehicle will go a long way while ensuring you have an enjoyable and safe travel experience. Enjoy your travels.

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Do’s & Don’ts of Saving on Car Rental

Traveling by car rental on a long road trip is a fun way to travel. No long queues at the airport or delayed flights and you get to pack more luggage. You can pull over and take photos anytime or stop by to explore a new town or city.

But getting a good deal on a rental car is not always easy, you’ll need to be a savvy shopper. Here are the tips that will show you how.

1. Search and Compare Car Rental Suppliers

The best way to save on car rentals is to search for the best rates online by either using a car rental comparison website, or visiting each car rental supplier.

Comparing different rates will also save you time because you’ll be able to sort all vehicles by type and size, and all on one screen.

2. Book in advance

You must have heard, ‘early bird gets the worm.’ Yep! That’s right. Just like flights and hotels, when it comes to finding the cheapest deals on car rentals, the earlier you book, the cheaper rate you get. Do not increase the odds of getting the model you want, book as early as possible.

Now, you must be wondering what is the best time to reserve your vehicle. We usually recommend 10 days or more. Anything after 10 days can show you a higher daily rental rate.

3. Fill up instead of emptying your wallet

When picking up a rental vehicle with a full tank of gas, you want to ensure that you return it the same way. If you return the car and the car rental supplier needs to fill up gas in the car, they will refuel your vehicle at a greater rate.

4. Be Punctual

Returning your vehicle late than promised can incur extra charges by your car rental supplier. It is important to make sure that you leave yourself enough time for high density traffic and finding a gas station to fill up your rental car.

5. Do you really need a big car?

The smaller cars are surprisingly roomy and spacious. When hiring a bigger vehicle you will generally spend extra dollars on rental costs, fuel consumption and insurances. Bigger is not always better!

Holiday Car Rentals” offers a comprehensive range of car rental services in Brampton and Mississauga. Whether you are looking to hire a 12 seater van or a truck rental Brampton, we have the right vehicle for every occasion. We have a secure, quick and simple online vehicle booking portal to help customers avail our services instantly.

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Car Rental Security Tips

Purchasing excess reduction can help with reducing the monetary stress associated with the cost you are accountable to pay in the event that your rental car is stolen. Unfortunately, excess reduction will not help with the inconvenience that such a situation can cause to your holiday plans.

Here is a list of simple yet helpful tips to reduce the temptation for thieves to steal your car rental.

Turn on Security Devices & Features

Make sure to ask the vehicle hire company about the security and anti-theft devices of your car rental. If required, ask the company to demonstrate how to appropriately turn on and use such features.

Lock Your Doors & Check Once Again!

Keyless devices have made it easier for us to lock and unlock our vehicles. But, when renting a car it may not be the same locking and unlocking features that you are use to with your own vehicle. Different cars have different settings, for instance, some keys use a single button to lock and unlock, others have two separate buttons for each action. Take some time to ensure you properly lock your vehicle.

Remember to lock your rental vehicle when not in use. Even when it is parked on private property or in garage, take the time to secure it.

Never Leave the Keys Inside The Car

No matter how quickly you are going to pay for fuel or run into the shops, it only takes few seconds for someone to steal your vehicle – especially when the keys are in the ignition. Make sure to lock your rental car and take the keys with you!

Parking Locations

Be aware of your surroundings and carefully choose where to park, especially when parking at night. Find a parking spot in a well-lit area to deter potential thieves.

Never Leave the Windows Open

Locking the doors but leaving the windows minimizes the security of your car rental. Leaving the windows open provides thieves an opportunity to use devices through the open window and unlock your car’s door.

Lock Your Doors While Driving

Taking other facts into consideration, you can also help in minimizing individuals inappropriately accessing your vehicle while you are inside it. It is recommended to always lock your doors while driving. Locking your doors will minimize the opportunity for thieves to attempt a car-jacking.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

While it is comfortable to leave your valuables in the car while you go shopping or visiting friends, they can be the items that attract the eye of a thief. Make sure to never leave money or any other valuables in your car or in sight. This is a crucial tip to keep in mind when holidaying as your car rental can be where you keep majority of your belongings.

Be vigilant and always stay security conscious. While it may be a little inconvenient to take such measures, it will make your holiday more enjoyable if you can avoid having your car rental stolen or broken into.

Holiday Car & Truck Rental Brampton offers a wide range of car rental services at lowest prices. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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6 Things to Remember While Cruising in a Convertible

Very few things in life are as luxurious as cruising in a convertible on a nice sunny day. However, don’t get deterred if you don’t one. The most common way to experience the thrill of driving a convertible is by getting one from a car rental company.

But, driving a convertible has its own share of safety concerns. There is no roof upon your head to shield you from rain, dust, debris and even bird droppings. Therefore, following are some crucial things to remember when you are out there enjoying your rented convertible.

  1. Keep Your Pet Safe – In case you are cruising along with a furry friend as your co-pilot, then you must make sure that they don’t jump-off or fall from your moving vehicle. To ensure that, buy a portable pet carrier that keeps your pet inside and also prevents them from messing up your convertible’s interior that you’ve just picked.
  2. Park Your Car Wisely – Some people who have experience of riding such cars can swear on the fact that birds have the sickest sense of humour when it comes to convertibles. They have absolutely no appreciation for the pristine leather seats and interior. Therefore, avoid parking under trees, power lines, or spots where birds sit
  3. Protect Your Eyes – Apart from the ‘good-looks’ quotient, wearing shades while driving a convertible is extremely practical. In fact, eye protection is important whenever you are driving a convertible rented from a car rental as your eyes stay exposed to external environment like the Sun, insects, debris and airborne dirt.
  4. Always Buckle-Up – Leading rental agencies that offer 12 passenger van rentals say that accident in a convertible car have serious repercussions if the seat belt is missing. With no roof above your head to hold you inside, one can easily be thrown out of the vehicle in an accident. Hence, buckle-up whenever you drive a convertible.
  5. Act Accordingly – A convertible’s main appeal is its fun factor and this is most importantly the reason why people rent it from car rental However, unsafe driving practices in a convertible like standing up or climbing on the seats can have dire consequences. Hence, stay strict with your friends in case they try such a stunt.
  6. Keep It Clean – While driving a convertible car, one must make sure that it is clean and void of any kind of litter. The wind blows against your face and also through your car’s interior. So, get rid of anything that might be left out like a loose paper or clothing as it can blow out from the vehicle, collide with your face and distract you.

Before you set-out on a road trip in a convertible that you’ve rented from a car rental agency, always remember that in order to make the most out of your trip, it’s always best to prevent your journey from getting spoiled. We, at Holiday Car & Truck Rental, have the largest fleet of vehicles that can be availed on rent. We have the largest fleet of well maintained and serviced cars.

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Think Twice Before Choosing a Car Rental Insurance

Need wheels for your next business or family trip? Renting a car is the best alternative offering you the freedom and feasibility to travel around the world and make some additions to your rememberable moments collections. But for most of the people renting a car is an overwhelming task as there are a lot of things associated with it. There are a myriads of things, if not considered, can add complications to your trip. You need to look for the best deal or sorting out the insurance options best complimenting your needs. Car rental Brampton services have compiled a list of tips helping travelers to understand their car rental insurance needs.

Checking Your Limits

If you encounter that your credit card company also provides coverage for car rentals, it is advised to check what that policy includes. For instance, there are some credit card companies that avoid providing coverage for third party liability for 8 seater van rental or other cars. On the other hand, if you have personal car insurance, make sure you are vigilant of their coverage extent. It is possible that your personal car insurance doesn’t provide sufficient coverage for the rental car.

Additional Coverage for Vehicles Rented Out of Country

The auto policies don’t extend to the vehicles that are rented outside the country. In such situation, the only alternative left is to purchase additional coverage for the rented vehicle outside Canada or U.S.A. Indeed, the credit card companies also not offer coverage for the cars rented out of the country. Thus, if you are planning your holiday excursions abroad, make sure you read the fine print.

Say No to Trucks Please

The coverage is also affected by the type of vehicle you rent. Most of personal car insurance or credit card coverage doesn’t offer coverage for rented van. Thus, it is advised to ask your credit card company or personal car insurance agent about whether they offer coverage for rented cargo van or not. If yes, what type of coverage and to what extend can be provided.

Unpaved Roads

Some car rental companies don’t allow the travelers to use their cars on less traveled or unpaved roads. So, if you purchase an additional car rental insurance or a collision damage waiver, it will be declared void when you drive the car on those prohibited or unpaved roads. It is crucial to thoroughly read the terms and conditions and make sure the policy compliments your car rental insurance needs.

It is worth to seek assistance for your car insurance or credit card company before saying yes or no to any additional insurance at the rental counter.

We, at Holiday Car Rentals, provide 8 seater van rental and car rental Brampton services.

We offer car services for traveling, business tours and more.

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