Renting A Car? Know Your Rights To Avoid Unfair Damage Claims

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Renting A Car? Know Your Rights To Avoid Unfair Damage Claims

Looking for a rental car is one of the most challenging tasks. Everyone wants a car that should be cheap and ultimately comfortable. When you search for the car rental, you either go online or follow the recommendations. Well, whatever you choose to go with, you must know everything about the car rental company. Complete information can prevent the car rental scams and other issues.

In most cases, people get a better booking on a car with discounted offers and forget the necessary things. Here is a list of your rights when hiring a car on rent.

  • Excess Waiver Insurance
    A car rental company may try to sell extra products and services along with your car rental. Among all these, the excess waiver insurance is the one that protects from the payment that you would have to pay if a car is stolen or damaged. So, you have to consult with your car rental company about the excess waiver policies.
  • Take Photos If The Vehicle Is Damaged
    To avoid the unnecessary damage charges, you should check your vehicle when pick-up. If you find any damage, then capture it in your camera. It also helps you to avoid the dispute or claim if you are wrongly charged in rental car damage.
  • Fourteen Day Rule
    If a rental company make any damage claim, you should make a query with the company within fourteen days.
  • Payment Through Credit Card
    Always prefer to pay your car rental payment through the credit card. If you make the credit card company severally or jointly liable for any contract or misrepresentation by the trader, it protects the consumer.

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