Major 6 Common Car Hire Scams You Need To Avoid Wisely

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Major 6 Common Car Hire Scams You Need To Avoid Wisely

Did you ever hire a car on rent? If yes, there are chances that you would have experienced some kind of scam. Often your attention goes to the headline of car rental companies offering attractive offers to the customers. It may be like cheap rental cars, lower rates, flexible timing, etc.

But, behind these headlines, there may be something that your eyes are not getting. Well, no longer you need to search for them as the tips to provide a proper guidance are here:

  • Licensed And Registered Always remember to show your license to the car rental company and get registered with them before taking car out. It saves the people from unexpected accidental issues.
  • Count The Member In The Car How many people going in a rental car, it should be confirmed before you could take your car. It is because sometimes, you may become a victim of extra charges for taking extra members with you. Moreover, it is also advisable to consult if children seat is charged extra.
  • Don’t Exchange Your Car Sometimes, you book a suitable car, but it is exchanged with another car exactly on the time when you are going to drive away. This may be to trap you in the low performing car to charge extra. So Be Aware!
  • Fuel Policies Unlike car rental companies offers distinct fuel policies and they mostly display it clearly. So, if you are not getting list of fuel policy then consult with your company and compare the fuel charges.
  • Check The Car Status A genuine thing that everyone should know before hiring the vehicle is to check it’s status. If there is any damage, bring it in the notice of owner and also take a picture of this.
  • Test Drive A test drive is to ensure yourself that apart from your car’s outer look how it is going with its internal parts. It is a also good way to check the driving sense of your driver if you are hiring him with the car.

Keeping all these in your mind, if you are looking for perfect car rental services then approach Holiday Car Rentals in GTA.

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