How to Select A 12 Passenger Van Rental?

12 Passanger Van Rental

How to Select A 12 Passenger Van Rental?

Are you planning a family trip or picnic in the summer vacations? If yes, the foremost thing to think upon is the medium of travel you’ll use. If the place you want to visit is at a good distance or a hilly area, opt for renting a car.

In case, you are going out with a group of friends or distant relatives, its better a hire a 12-15 passenger rental van for extra comfort and space. Since a van can accommodate more passengers, it can help you in saving dollars on transportation. For the first time customers, here are few tips to find or select the right van rental service.

  1. Count the Passengers

    First of all, decide where you want to spend your vacations, no matter, it’s a hilly or sub-urban region. Once you have decided, count the number of persons accompanying you, right from the kids to pets. For 3 to 4 persons, it is ideal to rent a compact car, whereas for 10-15 passengers, renting a passenger van is the right choice. This will not only provide you with enough of space to rest or rotate but will also the convenience of traveling that too being accompanied with luggage.

  2. Decide the Route

    Most of the car rental companies have varying renting policies, which included mileage plan and daily or weekly rates. If your journey and stay are for a short duration, go for daily rental rates. In case, you want to rent a van for a week or more, its advised to opt for the weekly rate.

  3. Go with Local Van Rental

    Since there are a lot of sprinter van rental service providers out there, choose the most reputed and reliable ones. Renting a 12-passenger van is a complex decision. To prevent falling victim to any scams or higher prices, ask your rental company to provide you with a copy of the agreement. Don’t forget to check their Yelp or online reviews for a hassle-free experience.

So, these are few ways to choose the right 12 passenger van rental for your summer vacation travel needs. If you are looking for a reliable car rental company in Toronto, contact Holiday Car & Truck Rental right away.

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