The Most Common Car Rental Pitfalls That You Don’t Want to Make

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The Most Common Car Rental Pitfalls That You Don’t Want to Make

Renting a car for your vacation makes sense. It helps you save you a lot of bucks that you’d be spending on taxi rides. It will give you huge advantages over having to wait for local transportation. Here are some common mistakes that people do while renting a car.

  1. Renting a car from the airport: The most common mistake which is done by most of the people. Leasing from an air terminal will charge you with extra charges. Renting from an air terminal means airport surcharges. To avoid these fees and save your bucks, it is important that you choose a car rental service away from the airport.
  2. No shopping around: There are various car rental companies available in the market. You may like to hire the company which is near to you or which refer by your friend or colleague. But it is important to spend your time to get the right rental service for you.
  3. Not understanding penalties: Each and every person knows who get car on rent that returning a car late will cost extra. But there may very less person who knows that some companies charge you for returning a car early. Here are some other penalties that will cost you like never smoke in the car, always top up the gas tank and others.
  4. Not using coupons and discount codes: There are various discount coupons that you can use when renting a car. Most of the online car rental companies offer you dozens of possible discounts. On the other hands many banks and credit cards provide discount codes to their members to use when booking a car on rent.
  5. Not joining the club: Many car rental companies launched club programs time to time. Rental companies provide various offers to their clients through these programs. If you are not signing up for the agency’s club program, you leaving plenty of benefits and discounts.
  6. Not returning the car on time: If you get a car on Friday and return it on Sunday, you may be charged for three days, instead of two. Most of the company charges you on a twenty four hour basis. So if you return the car after twenty six hours, two hours late, you will be charged for two full days.
  7. Buying extra insurance: This one is the most common mistake that people make while they are hiring a vehicle on rent. If you already have an insurance policy, then you don’t need to purchase it again.

If you are thinking about to get a car on rent for your next vacation, be sure to shop around and avoid these pitfalls to get the best possible deal. To spend your vacations within your budget, hire a car from Holiday Car Rental in Toronto and Brampton.

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