All About The Hidden Cost You Need To Know Before Renting A Car

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All About The Hidden Cost You Need To Know Before Renting A Car

When you are planning to book a car for your family trip or vacations, it is the most important advice that you should never be blinded by cheap or attractive rates. Depending on your destination where you want to go a lot of extra charges may apply, including licensing fees, insurance, airport fee, customer facility charges, local and state taxes.

The process of renting a car for your trip can be a frustrating and daunting for anyone, especially when you are looking for a fantastic rate. Finding a car that you want may be a good deal, but this is not at all the case. After returning the car, when you pay the final bill, the charges have been added that you were not aware of. Read the following tips to cut the expenses you are most likely to face.

  1. Airport fee: Most of the people make this mistake by hiring a car at an airport location. All most every airport rental agency have additional charges or taxes. These charges do not apply for non-airport locations. If you are flying and it is important to book a vehicle, try to find a vehicle just outside of the airport zone.
  2. Fuel charges: When you return the rental car, it is better to top off the fuel tank, otherwise you will get hit with a refueling charge. It includes the cost of gasoline and hefty convenience charges. The most of the rental agencies require you to return the car with the same amount of gas as when you picked up the car. By filling the car before you return, you can easily avoid extra charges.
  3. Extra driver: Many agencies charge a fee for an extra driver. If you want to put your partner’s or friend’s name as a second driver, you need to think twice before doing this. You can shop around or ask from your friends for rental agencies that don’t charge extra for a second driver.
  4. Early returning fee: Do you know some companies charge you extra when you return the vehicle early. Yes, it is true that some rental agencies charge you for breaking the contract by returning the vehicle early.
  5. Under 25 penalty: This penalty applies to drivers who are under the age of twenty five. If you are under twenty five and thinking about to get a car on rent, be prepared yourself to pay a huge amount per day. Some rental agencies will waive the surcharges. So, you can shop around and compare prices before booking.

The idea of renting a car can make your vacation trip more special. It is important to consult with two or three rental agencies to get a good deal on car rental services. Holiday Car and Truck Rental Toronto offers a wide range of vehicle rental services at affordable prices.

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