How To Avoid Being Stranded


How To Avoid Being Stranded

You might have laughed at the story when your friend ran out of fuel when out or about. Though, it might not be funny for your friend at the time. Most of the people would ask the one same question, how did you not see the flashing fuel gauge icon? In some situations, people think there’s plenty of fuel left, or they are not being in close proximity to a service station. In order to avoid the situation of being stranded in your car rental Brampton, have a look at some helpful tips below:

  1. If you are hiring a vehicle such as 12 seater van rental or 7 passenger van rental that is different from your general mode of transport, make sure you ask the customer service representative about the characteristics of your rental car. Ask if they can provide some details on the car’s fuel consumption and what’s the average kilolitre range.
  2. Your trip meter is an effective tool that will help you determine the distance you have traveled. This will give you a better insight into the appropriate travel distance your remaining fuel will most probably cover and when you need to start looking for a service station.
  3. Make sure you consider your travel destination and its landscapes. Remote locations might not provide you the abundance of service stations that cities provide. Don’t forget to download a few good apps that can guide you the popular and the most nearest service stations.
  4. Remember, your driving conditions also affect your fuel efficiency. If your destination consists of a lot of starting and stopping that will put greater strain on your rental vehicle’s fuel consumption. On the contrary, if you are driving through a highway at a constant speed, you will get a better fuel efficiency
  5. One of the simplest task you need to do is to regularly check the fuel gauge. Some vehicles display a digital fuel monitor while some have the standard analogue format. The way the rental vehicle will indicate when you are on empty can also vary between vehicle models. In order to be safe, try to avoid allowing the vehicle to get below a quarter full prior to refuelling.

Top Tip – Locating the fuel cap

Ever thought what that little arrow next to your fuel icon means? Well next you hired a rental vehicle and are entering the service station, trying to figure out which side your fuel cap is on, have a look at the icon for assistance.

All in all, common sense and consideration for your rental vehicle will go a long way while ensuring you have an enjoyable and safe travel experience. Enjoy your travels.

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