Looking To Rent a Car? Don’t Believe The Following Myths

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Looking To Rent a Car? Don’t Believe The Following Myths

We all love our cars and there is no doubt about the same. The fact is that you cannot take your car everywhere you go. For such places, it is best to rent out a car of your choice. Moreover, it will make you drive a completely different car and also let you explore a new area on your own. No matter for what reason you are looking to rent a car, it is important that you get all your facts right as there are a lot of myths prevailing around the same.

Car Rental Myths & Facts

Myth- It is always good to stick to multinational companies.
Fact- There is no doubt that multinational companies will give you a quality service but this does not mean you can’t get them through the local suppliers.

Myth- There is no need to book the car in advance as the price is always the same.
Fact- This is not true as an advance booking will definitely save you money. Booking on the same day means less availability of cars and more demand, what you think they will do? Moreover, booking in advance will ensure your travel which a same day booking can’t give.

Myth- You are always charged for the damages.
Fact- This one is a very common myth but not true at all. You are not made to pay the damages as they have the insurance policies for the same. This does not mean you can damage it anyway you like to. Only genuine damage would be considered for insurance and not something irrelevant.

Myth- Car rental companies operate 24/7.
Fact- Many people think of car rental companies just like an airport which operates 24/7. Rental companies are just like any other company which have fixed working hours. It is always better to call such companies in advance to know about their timings.

Myth- If I pick a car at 11 pm for 1 hour, I get charged for the whole day.
Fact- This is again not true as your rent starts at the moment you rent the car and not by the day, it is not a hotel I guess. There is no need to wait for an hour thinking you will save a day’s charge!

Myth- If I miss my time, I can turn up at any time of the day.
Fact-This is not true as a company depends on its rental income and if you don’t show up, the company is likely to allocate the same car to someone else. However, if you turn up within 4 hours after your estimated time, you are likely to get the car. In such cases, it is always advisable to inform them in advance.

Myth- All car rental companies are the same.
Fact- Just like any other field, two car rental companies cannot be the same. They will differ greatly in their mode of conduct, pricing, facilities, insurance terms etc. Always check in advance before you finalize the booking.

Any More Doubts?
If you still have any questions left to ask, feel free to contact Holiday Car Rentals in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto. Our professionals will clear all your doubts and guide you the complete steps required for a car rental booking!

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