What Do I Need To Rent a Car For Vacations?

Renting a Car For Vacations

What Do I Need To Rent a Car For Vacations?

Car rentals are a good option, especially if you are planning a long trip during the summers. No matter, you have your own luxury sedan still, it’s better to rent a car. The reason being that with rented cars one can choose any van or car in which his whole family can adjust for a hassle free or comfortable traveling experience. Moreover, it’s often difficult to carry the entire luggage & travel essentials in a compact car.

If you are a family of more than four, it’s an ideal decision to choose a 7 or 10 seater rental van. There are several people who are not aware of the basics of renting a vehicle and generally end up encountering some hidden surprises that hinder their traveling schedule. Renting a car can be stressful, especially if you are not aware of the things that are essential for hiring a vehicle.

Some prerequisites for renting a car are:

  1. Age
    Age is the foremost factor that is considered while renting or driving a vehicle. You should be at least 18 years of age and should have a drivers’ license that is valid in Canada. In case, you are below 18 years of age, make sure you accompany a designated driver with you.
  2. Identification
    While visiting a car rental company, make sure you are carrying essential credentials and identification proofs that must have your detailed address, age and all other necessary details. Provide a copy of your drivers’ license that shows that proofs you’re a licensed driver.
  3. Credit Card
    Since you have are looking to rent a car of your choice, having a credit or debit card in your pocket is an utmost necessity. As a part of domestic security compliance, carrying a credit card is a necessity.
  4. Insurance Proof
    It’s your responsibility to read all the rental agreements before signing them. Once you have signed the agreement given by a car rental, you agree to provide liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance that covers you, your family, and the rental car. No matter, which car, SUV, or van you are choosing, there is need to submit the insurance card for your personal vehicle.

These are some of the prerequisites that must be fulfilled before choosing a rental car in Toronto. If you are looking for a right car rental for your upcoming vacation trip, feel free to book a car rental online anytime at Holiday Car & Truck Rental.

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