Six Tips For Renting A Car Without Credit Card

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Six Tips For Renting A Car Without Credit Card

When it comes to hiring a car for your vacations there are a number of requirements you must meet before a car rental agency allow you to drive away in one of their vehicles. Having a credit card in your name is one of those requirements. It can cause problems for those who don’t have a credit card and this is where debit card car hire come in. There are a number of car rental agencies who will allow payments to be made by debit cards.

If you don’t have a credit card in your own name, you need to carefully review the car rental company’s policies when booking a car or even call the agency for clarification. Some companies allow you to book a car with a debit card. It depends on the company’s policies and location.

Here are a few suggestions on ways in which you can hire a car without a credit card.

  1. Using a debit card: If you don’t have a credit card, don’t worry, you can present your debit card to get a car on rent. Many car rental agencies will accept a debit card payment instead of a credit card. But this process can be a longer.
  2. Bring plenty of identification: In order to save time, you may need to bring extra identification. When you pay through a debit card, you may be required to present some extra identification. Make sure you are ready for this in advance and present your required documents. You might be asked to show a recent utility bill or a travel itinerary.
  3. Look around: Don’t believe that one rental company’s policy will be representative of another’s. Every company has its own policies or unique set of rules. You will need to find an agency that allows you to get a car with reasonable rates.
  4. Don’t expect a luxury vehicle: If you are using a debit card to pay the amount, your vehicle options will be limited. The company doesn’t want to take any risk with renting to debit users. You may be eligible for something relatively small and cheap.
  5. Prepare for additional hurdles: Paying with a debit card can be a longer process. Companies need to verify your identification, check your credit and sometimes even call your bank. You can expect to be treated like a second class customer.
  6. The company will check your credit: When you are renting a car with a debit card, the company will check your credit first. In case of the cataclysm, the company wants to sure you can pay the damages. If you have ample credit, renting a car is not a big deal.

There you go! Now you can get a car on rent without using a credit card. For more information about this, you can make a call to us at Holiday Car & Truck Rental.

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