Things to Know About Renting a Car


Things to Know About Renting a Car

With winter, apart from the chilling temperatures, people also get a season full of activities. People, gear up for events such as prom, weddings, Christmas etc. Another completely different scenario that sees a sharp increase in profits during winters is the car renting industry.

Nothing does it better than a stretched and a classy vehicle. The highly trained chauffeurs and the extremely luxurious cars are worth the rent. However, there are some little bits that you must know, before you rent our ‘Holiday Car Rental‘.

Tips to Rent a Car

  1. Get the best deal

    Do your market research well and compare the prices. Apart from the prices, also check the cars and the services they provide. Strike out any unwanted paid service, which you know, you won’t be using. Do not pay extra bucks for anything you consider vague and unnecessary.

  2. Rent wisely

    Calculate the size of your group beforehand and then make any reservations. Do not choose a limo that is too big or too small for your group. Try to understand the available car options.

    • A Lincoln Town Car, simple luxury sedan, can seat about 3-4 passengers. Though is cannot be called a limousine, it can surpass others in the amount of space available.
    • For a more fun-filled funkier excursion, you can rent SUV limos like the Ford Excursion car. These huge SUVs are extremely comfortable for 5-6 people.
    • Lincoln Stretch car is perhaps the most renowned limo in rental circles. It can accommodate 10 people and is the most popular choice for prom, bachelor and post-wedding parties.
    • If you’re interested in making a huge impression, simply go or a Stretch Hummer H2 car. Another option includes a Cadillac Escalade Stretch SUV vehicle. These have their own charm when it comes to transporting 16 passengers or more in utter comfort.
  3. Examine other things

    After bidding the car at the best price, don’t consider your job done. Go ahead and ask for the company’s safety record. Ask for their Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration (CVOR) number, used by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to track a company’s accidents and convictions. MTO can provide a public abstract. Do not hesitate regarding this issue.

  4. Company background

    Be sure that the company you choose has licensed drivers. If possible, make sure that all drivers have been background checked. You can even ask the company to provide you with a proof of insurance and their license to carry passengers.

  5. Check it out

    Many people book their car online by viewing the pictures posted by the company and then get disappointed when their ride arrived. So, it’s better to go and have a look. Check for any possible dents and flaws and ask them to correct them, before you the car actually arrives for you.

  6. Beware of gratuities

    Never sign the papers before talking about any hidden costs. Try to beware of charges, like gratuities for the driver, extra pick-up fees, or even transportation or gas surcharges. Gratuities can be anywhere from 15-20%, and are considered a standard billing addition. Clarify about any extra fees associated with damage. Ask as many questions as you need to.

  7. Safety Protocols

    Enquire about the provision the company will make for its passengers in the event of a collision or some other accident. Usually these companies are very professional and the chauffeurs have adequate expertise to handle any kind of emergency. Still, it is always beneficial if you know how you’ll be treated in unexpected situations.

  8. Get it in writing

    Prefer a written agreement that mentions everything from deposit, cost, and refund policies, schedule of the arrival and pick-up/drop-off times, locations to be travelled, car model chosen and any other individual service you have selected. Read the contract properly and clear any doubts. A good company will always clear every doubt.

Renting a luxury car can make a special occasional much more thrilling and exciting. The idea of being chauffeured sounds irresistible. But, at the same time it is also important for you to act smartly and choose a company that is renowned for its service. We, Holiday Car Rental are amongst them. Renting luxurious cars is Holiday Car Rental’s forte. We promise to make your special moment exclusive with our best in class service.

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